The most atmospheric open-air cinema on the Prague roof
The most atmospheric open-air cinema on the Prague roof
The evening with us is a complete adventure,
and all you need is to
The map of your ideal evening
The map of your
ideal evening
From the very entrance you will find a mini-quest through the cinema territory with bright photo zones
From the very entrance you will find
a mini-quest through the cinema territory
with bright photo zones
  • Choose furniture: soft puffs (first 3 rows) or comfortable pink loungers
  • There is our food bar with cool snacks, cocktails and even hookahs right on the roof
  • Non-smokers are invited to choose seats in the front row ❤️
  • The LED screen right on the roof will show your memorable movies you want to watch over and over
  • At late screenings we use special headphones
What language are the films in?
We show films in Czech and in their original language + subtitles
Where to buy a ticket?
Buy online on our website and get an online ticket via email or offline directly in the cinema.
Attention, if you buy tickets at the location right before the session, the best seats may already be taken. We advise you to take them in advance.
What time does the cinema open?
We welcome guests an hour before the first session.
Can I come to the movie with my child?
Of course. You can view the movie's age limit and trailer on our website, but it’s up to you whether or not to take a child to the film. On their own kids will not be able to attend a film that is not suitable for age.

Children up to 5 years old admission is free, without providing a separate place.

Where can I get help in if I’ve lost something?

Things found at the location after the session are given to the administrator. If you have lost something just contact us via the cinema number.
Will there be a session if the weather gets worse?
We do our best to work to matter what (even in the rain). If you have not received a cancellation notice, the film screening will take place.

During unfavorable conditions prior to the screening or if you had to leave the screening due to rain, your tickets can be made active until the end of the season and used again for another screening.

During adverse weather conditions, our team will warm you up with hot tea and extra blankets.
Can I bring my own food?
We have our own kitchen and bar. Didn’t find your favorite dish on the menu? Take food with you or order delivery to the location. To bring drinks into the cinema is not allowed.
How can I find you?
We are located on the rooftop of the shopping mall Arkady Pankrac (Na Pankráci 86, 140 00 Praha 4-Nusle).
Can I come with pets?
Sure, we are animals friendly cinema.
Do you have a car park?
Sure, you can park right on our rooftop cinema!
On the weekends there is free parking during the whole opening hours of the parking (07:00 to 22:30). Parking during working days (Monday till Friday) is free from 17:00 to 22:30.

Can I return the ticket?
You can return or reschedule the ticket no later than 2 hours before the screening, just call us 737-316-542 or write an email

A guest who bought tickets at a location can return them only at the location, you will immediately get your money back.

A guest who bought tickets online can only receive an online refund (within 5 working days).
What if I'm late?
Don’t worry! If you have a ticket, your place won’t be given to anyone else and it will be waiting for you through the whole session.
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How to find us
+420 737 316 542
Shopping mall Arkády Pankrác (rooftop)
Na Pankráci 86, 140 00 Praha 4-Nusle
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